Berling Interviews Sarah Frisk, Webcomic Creator & Artist

Hello and welcome! We’re very glad to be debuting the first in an ongoing series of interviews focusing on designers, creators, and professionals working in games and / or with themes based in gaming sub-culture. We’re very hopeful that these articles will provide interesting tidbits and thought provoking discussions. Today we’ll be exploring the genesis and […]

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D&D 30 Day Challenge

What’s the D&D 30 Day Challenge you ask? It’s a September full of sharing! Every day, for the next 30 days, I’ll pose a question for you to answer about your love for the game and the experiences you’ve had playing it. I’ll post mine up front and feel free to post yours in the […]

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Start of Summer Recap!

Hello, Hello dear Readers! Wow, June has been a crazy ass month. But then again, which month these days doesn’t bring some sort of joyous/crushing revelation? Politics On the domestic front I’ve been pretty shaken by the Snowden revelations regarding the NSA’s covert PRISM phone/online information collection situation; the fact that my Government actively and […]

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Blame Game: Violent Video Games & Parental Education or lack thereof

When an individual or community lives through an acute tragedy there usually follows a search for understanding. Many times this search is underpinned by emotions such as empathy for others, service to one’s family or community, and exploration/healing of emotional wounds. Other times it is based on anger at the circumstances, desire to see someone […]

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