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D&D on Stage: Berling’s Beard partners with @TeamAwesomeRobot to write Drinking and Dragons

Wow! We’ve had the pleasure of being tapped to write a spooooky D&D adventure for a theater company: Team Awesome Robot!!! Working with the team to get a live play stage performance of a D&D game has been so much fun! It was also super rewarding to draft, play-test, and finalize Berling’s first publicly performed […]

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Bored Ghost

Bored Ghost Podcast!

Greetings my fellow adventurers in this journey called life, It has been a few months since our last communique however suffice to say, the Beard has been growing like wild in the interim! Yes, we’ve officially joined the Bored Ghost Podcast which has been going strong since April 2016! Bored ghost is an RPG live […]

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