PAX UPLUGGED: Preview 2017

With Summer in full swing it’s easy to get distracted with all the awesome going on. At the Beard we’ve been working on our Secrets of Hammerfast Dungeons & Dragons live game as well as the Bored Ghost storytelling podcast, while making sure to enjoy the lovely weather and the fun times!

That said,¬†we’re getting super stoked for PAX Unplugged coming up this Fall in Philadelphia, PA from Nov 17th – 19th! It will be a full weekend of analog-focused gaming! Whereas PAX conventions normally have more of a general focus on video games (which we love!), Unplugged will be serving up table top fun with manner of board, card, and role playing games.

Seriously, what a testament to the growth of the table top roleplaying community! We’ll be headed there for the whole weekend to game, check out panels, meet friends new & old, as well as (hopefully) get our own panel approved: Professional Dungeon Mastering 101!

Hope to see you there! Onwards into glory!

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Ken Breese (he) Writer, Narrative Designer, and Game Master for hire focused on Inclusion, Table Top RPGs, Nerd Culture, Critical Thinking, and the Politics of Gaming.
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