Starting 2017

Greetings, gaming aficionados!

2017 burst onto the scene full of possibilities, both dreaded and sought. We’ll keep toiling in the Beard Mines (TM) to uncover the choicest strands of nerd culture & #TRPG finery so as to pull them, gleaming and steaming, from these loamy gaming caverns for your perusal!

We’ve sussed out the year ahead and there are lots of exciting gaming events, opportunities, and topics on the horizon! The beginning of the year has also seen a number of articles I wrote on a range of topics close to my heart: dungeon master advice for the twenty sided store, a review of Rogue One over on an amazing fan site The Wookie Gunner, and on Outtake the blog of the Tribeca Shortlist a retrospective on why the old school Pink Panther films really hold up over time.

About Berling

Ken Breese (he) Writer, Narrative Designer, and Game Master for hire focused on Inclusion, Table Top RPGs, Nerd Culture, Critical Thinking, and the Politics of Gaming.
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