Bored Ghost Podcast!

Greetings my fellow adventurers in this journey called life,

It has been a few months since our last communique however suffice to say, the Beard has been growing like wild in the interim!

Yes, we’ve officially joined the Bored Ghost Podcast which has been going strong since April 2016!

Bored ghost is an RPG live play audio series focused on collaborative storytelling narratives.

While the audience are the bored ghosts: spirits in the ether and wordless observers of the theater of the mind, they are not passive.

Indeed, ghosts are not always silent: they can shout through the ether and make their presence felt.

For while the characters, worlds and their stories explored in bored ghost are constructs, your experience of those characters and the moments you spend in their world are real.  Our shared stories are both ephemeral and lasting, for they exist both in the digital ether and in your memories.

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Story images are used to evoke a theme

Story images are used to evoke a theme


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Ken Breese (he) Writer, Narrative Designer, and Game Master for hire focused on Inclusion, Table Top RPGs, Nerd Culture, Critical Thinking, and the Politics of Gaming.
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