Upcoming Event: Dungeon Survival Tournament!


New offerings are afoot, freshly pulled from the Beard Mines!

Yes, we are officially expanding into event organizing!


Our first ‘not to be missed’ event will be a D&D Survival Tournament.

Teams of adventurers will band together in an attempt to outlast the other stalwart tables in a bloody adventure meant to test wits, skills, and mettle!

The team that lasts the longest will win a sweet D&D prize pack direct from the offices of wizards of the Coast!

Sign up!

So, create a 3rd level adventurer (or simply pick up one of the pre-generated characters available day of), grab some comrades (or come on your own!), and compete for glory!

We’ll be revealing the prizes every Friday until our event!

Prize Pack Reveals:
11/13 reveal – Every Attendee receives an exclusive promo D&D comic booklet!
11/20 reveal – The first 12 attendees will receive an exclusive ‘Roll for Initiative’ decal from Wizards of the Coast!
11/27 reveal – Members of the Winning Squad will each capture a sweet “Master of Dungeons” Patch to show off their prowess!
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12/4 reveal – Miniatures! Winning Squad will take home four boxes of Rage of Demons minis, that’s sixteen minis, as well as two figures from the D&D Attack Wing game!

Check out our event FAQ and / or email your buddy [email protected] for answers to your queries!

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