Dungeons & Dragons Encounters Recap: Legacy of the Crystal Shard

Greetings once again, dear readers! As you may or may not know, I’ve had the distinct honor of being a part of Team Dungeon Master for 9 seasons of D&D Encounters at the Twenty Sided Store in Brooklyn, NY. This season, I’ve been asked to write the recaps for each episode of Encounters and so be posting the recaps here. I have elected to write the recaps in journal format, from the perspective of Dwarven caravan leader Beorne Steelstrike as he recounts the Winter of the Iron Dwarf’s Vengeance in Icewind Dale in a tome he intends to gift to his Father when they meet again.

I hope you enjoy the recaps, PDFs listed by in-game date, and please do let me know how our story at 20sided is differing from your own experience with Legacy of the Crystal Shard. As always, questions and comments are very appreciated, thanks and enjoy!

Legacy of the Crystal Shard

Icewind Dale & Nearby Environs

DR 1485, 30th Eleasias

DR 1485, 25th Eleint

DR 1485, 26th Eleint

DR 1485, 27th Eleint

DR 1485, 30th Eleint

DR 1485, 31st Eleint

DR 1485, 1st Marpenoth

DR 1485, 2nd Marpenoth

DR 1485, 3rd Marpenoth

DR 1485, 4th Marpenoth

DR 1485, 5th Marpenoth

DR 1485, 6th Marpenoth

DR 1485, 7th Marpenoth


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